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About this Event


Welcome to the Handbid demo auction, where you can get a feel for how our platform works. Feel free to bid on things, but just know that EVERYTHING IN THIS AUCTION IS FAKE! While you can pat yourself on the back for outbidding someone on that Apple Watch, just don't expect it to be shipped to you. No invoices are paid and no items are shipped. You may also find this auction is reset from time to time!


Handbid’s mission is to provide non-profit organizations and sports teams a native mobile silent auction app solution that improves engagement with less effort, and superior results. Bidders and auction managers both love Handbid for its ease of use , beautiful interface, game-like experience and streamlined processes.

Registration, bidding, checkout and payments are all automated in Handbid, reducing lines and stress. In addition, both bidders and auction managers have a real-time view into bids and auction revenue. Bidders can participate from anywhere: their home, their seat, or at an event. Auction managers can communicate with all bidders directly via mobile messaging to invite them to new auctions and give them important updates. In the end, organizations that use Handbid have a sense of control over their auction that they have never had before.

Interested in using Handbid for your auction? Visit our website, check out our pricing plans, and reach out to us with any questions or to schedule a demo!


Please support our great cause. All proceeds go to helping Handbid employees in need.

Thank you to Our Sponsors

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