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    Since 2010, the James Arthur Albert Foundation has awarded scholarships for students to attend high school in Belize. Hardship and poverty are so widespread in Belize that one-half of the high school age children don't have the $250 necessary to attend school. But with the help of the Foundation, students receive the shoes and uniforms, textbooks and school supplies they need to earn their education with dignity.

    In return for the opportunity to go to school, our scholars work their hearts out. Many do their homework at night on dirt floors and in villages with no electricity. Others lead their schools in sports and music. One won the National Spelling Bee and won a computer for his school. Many have been valedictorians and top ten graduates. All of them do at least 20 hours of community service every year as part of their scholarships. They clean litter and garbage from roadways, they go into the homes of elderly people and care for them, and they paint fences, homes, and even grade schools. These scholars hold their heads high in school every day — they are American scholarship students!

    The work of the James Arthur Albert Foundation took root in a lecture hall of Drake Law School and has grown to heights beyond what was originally imaginable. Along the way, the Foundation has been able to transform the outlook for students like Calvin, Daniel, and Luenda:

    "Sometimes we don’t eat at home—we don’t have food. We don’t know how money looks. My mother could never purchase my school books and uniform."

    - Calvin, age 16, Aguacate Village

    "My name is Daniel. The reason why I need this scholarship is that I don't have parents. My mother passed away, so I stay with a guardian. Now I am going to graduate from 8th grade at Our Lady of Sorrows R.C. School, but my guardian says he doesn't have the money to send me to high school. Then I got this scholarship application from you. My goal is to graduate and become a strong soldier."

    - Daniel, age 14, San Vincente Village. {Daniel rode his bicycle six hours on a dirt road to get to town to pick up his books from us to start high school} 

    "Without this scholarship, I would not have been able to attend high school. My father earns $12.00 a month selling produce from his farm. Our village has no electricity or paved roads to travel on to go to school. However, I am managing with the assistance of this scholarship. I am #1 in my class.”

    - Luenda, age 17, Dolores Village {Luenda walks on a mud road one hour each morning to get to a gravel road where a school bus picks her up to take her another hour to school. Instead of shoes for school this year, she asked us to buy her a pair of boots so she could get to the school bus. In June, she will be the Valedictorian! We put her through four years of high school, and she held up her end of the bargain. Every single day. The Foundation's first female Valedictorian.}

    Today, Drake Law students are proud to carry on the tradition and continue to raise the funds that open doors and make dreams come true for children across Belize. Please join us to support these students!

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